are the winter blues affecting you?

In an earlier post, we commented that, on average, Americans spend about 87-90% percent or more of their time indoors according to the EPA. In a cold weather climate the lack of sunlight can affect many of us in a negative way. The clinical term is Seasonal affective Disorder, or SAD. Some common symptoms are a lack of concentration and focus, feeling moody and/or fatigue during the late fall through early spring. The cause of this is not the colder temperatures, but rather the lack of sunlight.

What can you do?
Many experts recommend light therapy as a way to assist with SAD, particularly in the morning. A few ways to help accomplish this are:

  • exchange the light bulbs in your home/office with full spectrum bulbs from fall through spring
  • look into purchasing a light box and/or a light visor as a way to get additional sunlight. quality matters, so don’t skimp on these units.
  • most light products should be used more heavily in the morning, and of course, there is debate about specifics and details of sad and its potential remedies. as is common, some individuals suffer greater with this issue and need more assistance than what light therapy may be able to offer. we suggest you consult a doctor if you believe sad may be affecting you.

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