Design forecast – Residential & Commercial design trends for the upcoming year


Commercial Concepts

Main influencers of finish colors and materials in the commercial sector will be the engineered environment, organic influence, and a focus on collaboration.

With a continued focus on sustainability, engineered products utilizing recycled plastics and new composites will continue to evolve over the next year.  This will include products which focus on 100% recycled materials, as well as unique uses of resins and transformed uses of wood.

Complimenting the focus on sustainability are organic materials and a focus on Biophilia—a human’s intrinsic need for interaction with nature.  These trends are already being seen in health & wellness focused projects.

Collaborative spirit and inclusion are promoted ideals for the younger consumer generations.   With this we are seeing a resurgence of Art Deco-like colors, patterns, and forms.  Art Deco originated in 1925 Paris as a reaction to the elitist and overly ornate design.  The clean geometry was able to be mass-produced and accessible to all.



Residential Colors

Sherwin-Williams says “In 2019, look to colors that soothe, reenergize, and transform homes into spaces for renewal”

The 42 trending colors have been broken out into six individual color pallets, with names like “Aficionado” for the nostalgic and timeless, “Naturalist” for those who prefer to live life barefoot in the garden, and “Raconteur” for those who are traders and collectors of stories.



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