Discover what Milwaukee makes – cream city ribbon!

Artisan made in Milwaukee using original techniques and machines from the 1920’s, Cream City Ribbon’s 100% cotton fabric ribbon is unlike any other ribbon you will encounter.

Cream City Ribbon’s unique unwoven fabric is “all warp and no weft.”  This means the ribbon is made with horizontal strands (warp) and without a cross-stitch (weft).  Strands are held together with a water-soluble adhesive, which gives the ribbon it’s strength and signature paper-like feel.

The ribbon is made of cotton yarn that is 100% grown and dyed in the US.  Every aspect of the ribbon crafting process is examined to ensure a sustainable and earth-friendly product:  from a mill that meets the material safety on multiple levels, to water-based adhesive made from a by-product of the meat and leather industry, to inks formulated of renewable resources.  The ribbon is also biodegradable, so it can be composted or left out as nest material for birds.

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