Hunted Places to Visit in Milwaukee


The following are some beautiful Milwaukee buildings to visit…albeit they are allegedly haunted!


The Pfister Hotel

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Charles Pfister, the original owner, is said to haunt this 19th-centrury hotel.  His favorite pastime is harassing MLB players who stay at the Pfister while playing in town.  Some baseball players even refuse to stay at the hotel and opt to instead pay for rooms somewhere else in town!


Technology Innovation Center

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Originally opened in 1915 as a hospital for treating tuberculosis patients, many of whom died there.  It was later turned into the Muirdale Sanitorium for mentally ill individuals—many of whom are buried in an overgrown cemetery near the building.  And on top of everything else, some even claim that the building sits atop an American Indian burial ground…spooky!


The Modjeska Theater

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This theatre opened in the early 1900s and was the site of many vaudeville performances.  Many employees and guests have claimed to see floating orbs of light and people out of the corner of their eye.  The two most common sightings are of a woman wearing white on the stage, and a man appearing on the balcony.


Hilton Garden Inn

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Formerly known as the Loyalty Building, which was constructed on the site of the Newhall Hotel fire of 1883.  More than 70 people died when the fire spread from the basement of the Newhall Hotel through the elevator shaft.  Today employees regularly report strange sounds, their hair being pulled, and bathroom doors opening and closing on their own.  The most troublesome rooms are 201 and 326.


Brumder Mansion

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In recent years this circa 1910 mansion has become an increasingly popular place for ghost hunters and paranormal fans.  Many visitors often find unexplained figures or other anomalies show up in the photographs they take during their visit.  Those who spend the night also say that they have particularly vivid dreams and feel that they are not alone in the room.





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