Impact100's 2016 grant recipient follow up



Impact100 Greater Milwaukee 2016 Grant Winner Neu-Life Community Development’s new commercial kitchen is under construction!

One of last year’s Impact100 Greater Milwaukee $100,000 grant winners, Neu-Life Community Development, announced that they will have their new commercial kitchen completed by July 1st.

Allume Architects was excited to provided Neu-Life Community Development with pro bono design work, including site field measurements, design assistance, and obtaining permits and approvals.  Our founder, Andrea Nemecek, is a member of Impact100. 

Neu-Life Community Development is dedicated to empowering children and youth with skills and strategies to make better life choices.  Their new commercial kitchen will be used to teach children how to prepare their own meals and make healthy food choices.  They will take advantage of the on-site garden, where children also learn how to grow their own food.


Literacy Services of Wisconsin, which provides literacy education to adults, also received a $100,000 grant in 2016.  They have been developing a High School Equivalency Diploma program, which they hope to pilot this fall.  

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