Office space planning

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Rendering showing an office space layout by allume architects


Space planning is an integral part of the interior design process and consists of the methods used to design and arrange office layouts in order to provide the best opportunity for efficient workflow, communication, and supervision.


Benefits of Space Planning Services:

  • Space is used efficiently and effectively—saving money and increasing productivity
  • Accommodation of special processes and workflows—making the most use of your space
  • Ability to create desired image and atmosphere—impressing visitors and employees


Knowledge and Skills design professionals offer:

  • Spatial design ability and skills
  • Knowledge of interior detailing, materials, and finishes
  • Expertise in selecting and specifying FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment)
  • Knowledge of ergonomics
  • Delineation and presentation skills
  • Familiarity with building codes and regulations


Space Planning Process:

Each office planning project is unique; however, the space planning process usually embodies the following increments of work:

  • Programming
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development



Programming tasks usually include a space survey, which consists of an inventory of existing (or proposed) equipment and furniture, interviews with clients and users, and other data collection tools.  The information gathered is compiled and analyzed to determine the range of functions that must take place in the space and the accepted space allocation standards for each.

Programming findings set the parameters, requirements, and standards for the development of interior configurations and layouts in space planning.



Next, area assignments are prepared to estimate the approximate square footage and layout needed for each function and each space.  The spatial positioning and relationships may be illustrated by diagrams and presented to the client and users for their review and feedback.



Following the approval of the program report, documents for space planning are developed that include interior space plans and furniture layouts.  Interior construction and structural requirements also are part of the design development documentation.  Once approved, these documents form the basis for the construction documentation of interior spaces and the selection and specification of furniture, furnishings, and equipment.


The results of space planning can provide a basis for developing interior architectural elements and furnishings of interior spaces.


Weather you leased a new space that requires tenant improvement services to accommodate your activities, or you are looking to upgrade your existing office to use existing space more efficiently, interior design services from allume architects can assist you in meeting your space planning goals!

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