Product highlight – sixinch products


Sixinch specializes in the design and manufacture of high concept coated and upholstered foam furniture, with an emphasis on the following services:

  • A wide collection of standard sixinch products created by a select group of international designers
  • A creative team that designs and manufactures custom furniture for a wide range of clients serving all market segments
  • They offer their manufacturing services to designers, architects, and creative minds to bring their ideas to life.


Founded in 2003 in Belgium, their company vision is to enable every person to harness some of the immeasurable creativity that lives inside each of us, in that six inch space between our ears. 


Their unique foam coated furniture allows them to develop dramatic products, for both indoor and outdoor use.


The design flexibility of Sixinch coated foam is nearly limitless, and lends itself well to custom projects.  The products are CNC cut from a large foam bun, so any shape can be accommodated. 

The foam coating can be applied in any color, and results in a flexible, weather-resistant, and seamless product.


Check out more of their unique product collections by going to their website!


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