Product Highlight – Smartblock FD


Winner of 2018 Best of NeoCon Silver Award for Workplace Technologies, Smartblock OY.  An advanced workspace solution for bringing people together.  Smartblock provides a modern way of working and collaboration that is used by thousands of people everyday in both office and public spaces.  These cubes provide a distraction free meeting place to a hectic work space.  Smartblock FD offers tools and features so users can work solo, or in a meeting setting.  With a full HD Samsung Monitor, HDMI connection, and other connector cables, the Smartblock FD allows you to give presentations or to log into conference calls.  Applications include: libraries, airports, hospitals, corporate lobbies, higher education, and much more.

For more information on the Smartblock FD go to: http://www.smartblock.fi/smartblock-fd.html


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