Product Highlight – TorZo sustainable surfaces


Through a unique acrylic infusion process, TorZo transforms sustainable materials—like wheat, sorghum, hemp and wood—into surfaces that are elegant and durable.  All of their products contain no added urea formaldehyde, to help create healthier indoor air quality.


TorZo infuses acrylic resin into composite boards, creating a hard and durable product suitable for high use areas such as table tops, counters, and even flooring.  The panels can also be used in decorative or backing applications.


One notable product line is the Blue Stain Pine.  The mountain pine beetle has spread a blue stain fungus to millions of acres of forest.  This blight takes over the trees, killing them, and staining their wood a bluish grey.  Due to this color, commercial loggers were leaving this wood behind to rot or be burned.  TorZo takes advantage of this salvaged wood, and highlights its unique aesthetic by methodically custom cutting each piece to maximize the wood's natural beauty.


Made in Woodburn, Oregon from rapidly renewable agricultural by-products and certified recycled wood, and available in a variety of colors and textures, TorZo surfaces are the ideal product for environmentally conscious builders and designers.  Browse their website for more information.

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