Product Highlight – Western Building Products VanAir Ventilated Doors


Recently, Western Building Products introduced a new door to the market.  VanAir Ventilation Doors, by Lynden Door, are engineered to improve airflow and indoor air quality without excess sound transmission.  They help reduce common pollutants like airborne particles, VOCs, CO2, odors, gases, molds, and toxins.  These high aesthetic doors feature vertical louvers on opposing sides allowing air to pass through while muffling sound with integrated acoustical baffles.  We now have a modern alternate to those unsightly door grilles we are all familiar with.  Typical applications for VanAir Doors are apartment laundry rooms/closets, office buildings, conference rooms, assisted living homes, and high-performance homes.

For more information on VanAir Doors visit: https://western1.com/vanair/


The New VanAir Door by Lynden









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