Product highlight: Clarus glassboards

Clarus: A canvas for your best ideas

Clarus was recently given a Gold Award for their Glassboards at Neocon 2018.  By providing a range of beautiful innovative products, Clarus Glassboards are not only an art piece that captivates your space, but one that is functional as well.  Ranging in ten different styles and with over 250,000 customization combinations, with Clarus, the only limit is your creativity.  These visually stunning boards are the ultimate productivity canvas, creating collaborative hotspots virtually anywhere.  With glass five time stronger than normal glass, they will last a life time.  Thousands of brands from around the world have trusted Clarus to bring their designs to life including; Google, Apple, Harvard University, NFL and Disney.

To learn more about Clarus, please visit https://www.clarus.com/

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