product highlight - lumicor

Lumicor offers a variety of architectural decorative resin panels. 
All Lumicor products are made using recycled glass and sustainable materials.  Their
closed-loop manufacturing system reuses 21 million gallons of water, and thermal
energy generated by the manufacturing process is reclaimed and used for heating
their building.  Lumicor products are 100% recyclable.1
Lumicor products can be used in a wide variety of both interior and exterior applications,
            Horizontal Surfaces – bar tops, desks, counter tops, cafe tables, sink counters
                                                  and sinks, back splashes, tub surrounds
            Walls – protection, enhancement, partition systems, marker boards
            Ceilings – canopies, ceiling fixtures, ceiling tiles, lighting fixtures
            Doors – door systems, door inserts, shower doors
            Exterior – outdoor accents, fence or divider inserts, signage
This versatile product offers an expressive collection of designs to enhance any
space, including real botanicals, sculpted embosses, architectural metals,
natural elements, and fine textiles.2

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