Spring reminders for building owners

Early spring is a great time to assess your building, perform preventative maintenance, and start planning for any projects which need to take place in the upcoming year.  It also provides an opportunity to touch base with tenants and employees to access any potential maintenance issues or desired building projects.


Preventative Maintenance Reminders Include:

  • Change HVAC filters
  • Change batteries in fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Clean and replace vents
  • Replace window screens and panes
  • Replace doors, windows, exterior light fixtures and other outside elements
  • Check HVAC units and Hot Water Heaters
  • Review your budget and any building alteration projects you would like to accomplish this year


Keep in mind that building projects take time to design, permit, and build—so it’s never too early to engage a design professional to start working on your project!

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