Vertical Greenwalls, LLC.


Vertical Greenwalls is a full service company that designs, fabricates, and installs wire mesh trellis and livewall systems for climbing and hanging plant material.  Fabrication and finishing are completed in the immediate area surround Milwaukee, Wisconsin—where the company is based—however they are willing to work on projects from the east to west coasts if their product will enhance the building or location that it is installed in.


Vertical Greenwalls are an attractive option for creating a “living” or “green” curtain on the interior or exterior of a building.  Standalone Vertical Greenwalls can be used as an alternate to fences or screen walls, and the systems can be used as bold architectural elements or as a location to provide building signage. 

A dimensionally modular framework trellis system, combined with the ability to create custom panels and match almost every color makes Vertical Greenwalls highly customizable. 




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