WasteBasedBricks: Building Materials made from waste


Did you know that “Debris from construction and demolition is one of the biggest waste streams in the world?”  Typically, old buildings just sit or sometimes if the building is no longer in use, it’s knocked down and the materials end up in landfills.  StoneCycling, a company based out of the Netherlands, takes this exact waste material and creates bricks of all different materials, colors, and textures.  With WasteBasedBricks, we can now repurpose original building material in a sustainable way with a building product that’s just as strong and durable as its competitors.  Tom van Soest, one of the founders of StoneCycling, created a way to grind large objects such as toilets and ceramic tiles in his industrial blender and bake them in an oven to create a new building material.  They are even experimenting with new technologies, such as creating tiles, and other kinds of building materials for different applications.


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Sustainable wall cladding

For more information on WasteBasedBricks go to: https://www.stonecycling.com/

Or watch a short video explaining the product at: https://www.interiordesign.net/videos/15827-material-insight-wastebasedbricks/

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