our vision

improving quality of life through architecture

our mission

allume architects is a team of dedicated, positive, and honest professionals who will always work in the best interests of our clients. We strive to improve the quality of life for each individual impacted by our design work. We continue to educate ourselves, and our clients, to offer the best value and highest quality of architectural services. We are forward-thinking problem solvers who work with clients that hold similar philosophies. We stand behind our services and deliver what we promise. 

our values

allume’s experienced staff is dedicated to serving clients with honesty and integrity. It is our objective to produce compelling designs, create innovative solutions, and use teamwork and effective communication, to provide the best service possible. Our Milwaukee architectural team is guided by 10 core business values:


1. Sustained Client Relationships:

We consider our clients an extension of our family and we will always work in their best interests. We want them to feel comfortable approaching us during and after project completion, no matter what the request, question or concern.  


2. Meet Expectations, Keep Promises:

We will ensure successful project outcomes with clear and timely communication throughout every phase of a project.


3. Deliver the WOW with Our Service:

We aim to deliver projects and services which surpass our client’s expectations, and we will always set our sights on going the extra mile.


4. Provide Consistent Quality and Value:

Every process, service and approach will be delivered with the highest level of quality and value. This means proposing solutions that make the most sense for each client’s unique situation, budget and desired outcome.


5. Integrity and Honesty:

We will work collaboratively with all clients, consultants and vendors as if they were part of our organization. We will be transparent in all actions and strive for personal and professional integrity in all that we do. 


6. Professional and Respectful Actions:

We will treat clients, consultants and vendors in a thoughtful and professional manner. We will listen and make an effort to understand all viewpoints.


7. Positive Intentions Build the Team:

We will approach all projects with a positive and helpful mindset, keeping the client’s goals in mind at all times.


8. Embrace and Drive Change:

We will continue to grow and learn with our clients and colleagues.  We approach every solution without preconceived notions or assumptions.


9. Grow and Learn to Better Ourselves and to Serve Our Clients:

We will continue to educate ourselves to be aware of new or changing building codes, products and materials, processes and services as well as industry developments to ensure the highest level of project quality.


10. Systems and Processes Solve Challenges:

We will follow a clear and consistent process during each phase of every project to ensure successful project delivery in any vertical market or building type.