Facilities Management

In-house facilities teams, both large and small, are tasked with a variety of projects that often require additional hours, tasks, and oversight, beyond the normal day to day functions this team provides for the institution. Typically these teams manage all of the maintenance and upkeep of the facilities and when a construction project comes along, big or small, they do not have the capacity or resources to take on their day to day work, along with additional construction projects.

Allume has the experience and capability to act as an extension of your facility management team. We will design, coordinate and manage facility improvement projects from start to finish, which includes being onsite when furniture is delivered or when contractors arrive. As a trusted partner, Allume Architects will deliver complete services and solutions to your facility management group.

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Andrea’s approach to each request was one of the most collaborative, thoughtful, creative and solution oriented I have experienced in my career. Her ability to take a request and see it from all angles typically resulted in a far better design and outcome than initially envisioned. Simply put, Andrea made things happen. She created excellence.
-- David Hotchkiss
Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Medical College of Wisconsin