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It’s definitely getting to be that time of year: the second I open my door I’m hit with a blast of cold air that makes me squint as I rush to get inside and pour myself a cup of coffee. I usually park on the west side of the Village Court building on my way into the office and make my way up the steps and past the winding ramp into the courtyard. Sometimes, it takes seeing someone with a chair or walker using the ramp to remind me that I take my mobility for granted, especially on the coldest winter days. I move over stairs and curbs and through doors without a second thought; not everyone has this luxury. [...]

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I. Intro It’s clear that changes in our work strategies implemented over the past couple years are here to stay. At Allume, we’re back in the office full time. To provide a contrasting example, though, I have a friend whose employer has elected not to renew their pre-pandemic lease. While opting out of a physical office entirely may seem like an extreme example, it’s illustrative of the variety of approaches being taken right now. But some version of remote work is probably here to stay: 72% of respondents to this slack survey expressed a preference for a hybrid office-home work approach going forward. […]

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